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For Newsmakers & Executives

  • Media coaching: prepare for media interviews, public speaking, virtual and/or in-person presentations

  • Marketing/communications strategy: prepare talking points and brand messaging to reach your target audience through clear and effective communication

  • Audits: Not getting desired results? We will analyze your current messaging, press releases, website, client communications and/or social media platforms to re-energize your message 


Christine Maddela is a veteran news anchor and storyteller who puts her experience and expertise to work for her clients. She not only helps their interview and on-camera skills, but their confidence levels and how they feel and approach each media appearance or event. Lasting success can’t be found in a list of one-size-fits-all tips or tricks. We each have individual motivations and fears. Maddela listens and gets to know each client first before tailoring a plan to fit their individual needs. That’s why they rave about dramatic improvements, lasting change and increased confidence gained from her consultations: because it was created just for them. She embraces and enhances each client’s natural style. Maddela’s past clients include Sony Music Entertainment and Provident Label Group recording artists, NFL players, politicians, the US Army, PBS and executives with Bank of America and Southwest Airlines.

For Journalists

  • Individual or team trainings

  • Improve on-air delivery

  • Writing, shooting & editing trainings

Ray Arzate is an experienced and award-winning photojournalist and editor who has trained students and fellow journalists across the country. He served as chief photographer at the NBC and FOX affiliate stations in Las Vegas, managing a team of photojournalists and editors.  Arzate and Maddela have worked together for nearly two decades and have joined forces to teach fellow journalists on the topics of storytelling, team dynamics in the field, writing, and breaking news and crisis coverage.

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